Horizontal road signaling device that is installed on the tracks as a complement to the signage applied with paint.

Description: These help drivers maintain visibility and differentiation of exclusive lanes when visibility conditions deteriorate due to weather or at night, they also prevent the invasion of these lanes by drivers.

Uses: The stoppers are used by anchoring them with bolts to the floor, this also guarantees their permanence on the pavement in the areas where you want to achieve maximum attention by the drivers at railway crossings, intersections, needles, curves and lane separation exclusive

Appearance: The channeler is an injected plastic piece of 74 X 18 X 12 cm, yellow and black colors, includes reflective tape inserts that increase its visibility. The shape of the stoppers is trapezoidal block.

Tests: According to the KEMTI report No. 1CT07-36392-A1 of Nov 13, 2007, the product meets the conditions.